Surf Camp

The surf camp is our introductory camp to the year. It is an important opportunity for students to get to know each other and build self-confidence. 

The surf camp is centred around a number of outdoor activities that put students in new and challenging circumstances in order to teach them practical skills and help them realise their own capabilities. Activities include surfing, bush walking, swimming, initiative activities, and sleep-outs. All activities are fully staffed by both RSG staff and qualified staff hired to run individual activities.   

The focus of the camp is surfing. This is a fun activity but also presents several challenges. It also offers students the chance to try something new and prove to themselves what they are capable of when they set their mind to it. The purpose of the camp is for students to participate in and enjoy a range of educational activities that will contribute to the development of their confidence, self-esteem, motivation, skill level, fitness, initiative and teamwork. 

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