Whilst our core program revolves around mainstream educational values, including: discipline, creativity, excellence and service, our methods of teaching these are more orientated towards the inividual, providing each student with the unique skills that will best support them to succeed, in the rapidly changing workplaces they will soon find themselves in. 


Our main academic campus is situated in Hawthorn, with other campuses set in vastly different environments, ranging from our live-in program in The Otways (VIC), through to our survival camp on Stradbroke Island (QLD), and across to our inland desert station in South Australia. These campuses enable us to offer a variety of different educational settings which facilitate the nature-based aspect of our experiential program.


Riverside Grammar is not for everyone. Whilst we are serious about academics, the curriculum is not dictated by them. And, whilst we are serious about the imposition of socially acceptable discipline and respect, we are even more serious about teaching the more important aspects of self-discipline and self-respect. So, if you are seeking a school where you want to genuinely explore what the options are, and how you might need to change in order to take advantage of them, then we welcome you on board and look forward to the journey.