Riverside takes a student-centred, humanistic, and cross-sectional approach to the provision of educational services for young, often marginalised youth, looking for an alternative to the mainstream education system.

Riverside is committed to supporting its students to become resilient, self-actualised young people, who feel a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. We seek to create a safe, supportive, and collaborative classroom environment for our students to learn and grow together in.

 At Riverside, our way of educating is guided by our core values.


Our Values

Positive self-esteem

We strive to foster positive self-esteem in our students. As we believe that it is integral to their development, education, personal wellbeing, and importantly the pursuit of a meaningful life.


A cornerstone of self-esteem, nurturing consistency and self-discipline in our student’s shapes their abilities and their confidence in their own capacities.



Learning to self-reflect, on our actions and on the actions of others, provides us with vital knowledge about what drives us and the world around us. It is an essential tool for self-development, healthy interpersonal relationships, and one’s ability to lead a successful life.



Personal responsibility goes hand in hand with self-esteem, discipline, and self-reflection. Learning to take responsibility for oneself and for one’s actions is a vital life skill.



In alignment with the philosophy of, seeking to understand in order to be understood, at Riverside we encourage open, honest communication and healthy conflict resolution.



Our program provides students with international travel opportunities and experiences, that support a holistic understanding about the world we live in today; and, how the increasingly interconnected world can enrich our lives more deeply.  


Real life learning

At Riverside we believe in real life learning. Through our hands on approach to education, we value experience-based learning rather than a theory centred teaching approach.



We value the role of leadership in our community and in the world at large, and we seek to support our students to develop the skills necessary to take on positions of leadership.



At Riverside, we believe that service is at the heart of leading a meaningful and productive life. We encourage our students to see service to others as one of their greatest motivators, and want to support them to find deep and abiding value in giving and offering service, throughout their lives.



The foundation of all these values is resilience. Teaching the skills, tools, and belief systems that will give our students the strength to overcome the challenges they will face throughout their lives, is a core teaching principal at Riverside.