Fees Because of the wide variety of programs available at Riverside Grammar, there are significant variations in each individual student’s fee structure.
The following information provides an insight into the basic set costs.
Stage 1: Application $250*
Stage 2: Diagnostic Testing $1,500
Stage 3: Payment of two terms fees in advance*
Term Fees Set Costs: Day School Hawthorn: $7,480 OR Live In Otway Retreat: $14,960
Stage 4: Subject selection and payment of booklist (dependent on subject selections)

Additional Programs and Camps


Victorian based camps are compulsory and are included in school fees.
International and interstate camps incur an additional fee.
Due to the individual nature of our curricular structure and the differing needs of students who attend Riverside Grammar, fee structures vary to a significant degree. As such there are opportunities for DHHS and NDIS components to be built into our services, however, the above per term fees will rarely be covered by either of these entities.

Now Enrolling

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